Lust for Darkness lacks an inverse control option

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The "psychological horror" title Lust for Darkness hit the Switch last week, and players are finding out one of the greatest horrors in the game comes from the controls, and not the content. Lust for Darkness is a first person title, yet it does not include an option to invert look controls. Hopefully that gets added in an update, as it seems like a major oversight to not include that feature.

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When it comes to options in games, you can never have too many. Settings and options are what allow people to optimise the game to be most enjoyable for themselves, as no default choice will work for everyone.

I usually like to play with the horizontal camera (x-axis) inverted. When the game doesn't have this option, I usually don't play for more than an hour. I can't explain it, but it's weird to control/move, it's something with muscle memory maybe.

That's why I don't play Apex Legends and Fortnite, for example, despite having some interest in both games.

It doesn't look ie a fast paced game, so it shouldn't be that big a problem. Then again, it could be patched.

I really have my eyes on this game though. The entire setting looks like something for me....But the again many people have tried with it and failed, so...Kinda harda to say.

It's a very prideful folly(one that Ninty is particularly bad about) to assume that the way you prefer to control a game is the definitive and only correct way to play it. There is absolutely no justifiable reason for every game that comes out to have fully remappable controls. Just look at smash players. Some of their setups are super wacky, but it works for them


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