Wendy's makes an entire world of Super Mario Maker 2 courses

Dave Thomas is rolling in his grave

Did you think other fast food companies were going to sit back and let Arby's hog all the Super Mario Maker 2 glory? You bet your ass they won't, and Wendy's is the second to step into the arena. Wendy's has actually gone a step beyond and created a whole world of levels, rather than just one stage. Check out all the Course IDs for their stages below.

Fresh, Never Frozen: 3C0-VKW-HYF
Fry in the Sky: 790-WRG-VRG
Nuggs: Y8B-FXP-X8G
Drink: C1R-7LJ-SSF
Frosty: HH3-S5X-0SF
Drive Thru: M11-10S-HPG

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It's all corporate BS to manipulate us into buying unhealthy food, but I have to admit, I like that "video game fans" are being seen as a lucrative demographic, and video games seem to be more accepted.

However, I have no plans to play any fast food restaurant levels. But nice pixel art, Wendy.

Wendy's doesn't exist in Australia, so I'll play them for you~

Call me crazy but i keep seeing the number 444 in their levels.

If it's just the numbers, that's actually kinda clever, as I believe it's a reference to their "4 for $4" meal deal.

Seriously, what kind of late capitalist nonsense is this?

I can't wait for Zelda Maker in 2022 when KFC presents the Colonel's Spicy Cuccoo Dungeon

KFC is already doing really weird stuff, like having Colonel Sanders DJ big sports games.


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