Japanese poll has nearly half of its respondents state that they plan on buying a Switch Lite

Certainly a good start!

Japanese site Inside polled their readers to gauge interest in the upcoming Switch Lite. The poll consisted of 5,191 replies from Switch owners and non-owners alike. Check out the results of the poll below.

“I won’t buy a Lite, but I will buy a (regular) Switch.”

342 votes: 9 percent of those polled

“I will pass on this version of the Lite.”

393 votes: 10.4 percent of those polled

“I already have a Switch, but I will purchase a Lite.”

676 votes: 17.9 percent of those polled

“I don’t own a Switch, but I will purchase a Lite.”

1,111 votes: 29.4 percent of those polled

“I already have a Switch, but I will pass on the Lite.”

1,258 votes: 33.3 percent of those polled

That would mean that out of all the responses, somewhere around 47.3 percent say they will buy a Switch Lite.

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I expect the Switch Lite to sell like hotcakes in Japan. They love their handhelds and this is a cheaper version of what they like best.

It will sell very well in the west too.

And more than a third of the responding Switch owners say they will buy one.

Which is very surprising to me, it's going to do even better than I thought. I'm sure there are a lot of people in Japan who play in handheld mode 98% of the time that this would be perfect for.

Indeed. The country is small and its urban areas are very densely populated. There's also very low theft, so people in urban Japan are pretty comfortable with bringing out their electronic devices to play on them. (It's also one of the countries where mobile gaming hasn't caught on quite so fiercely due to the stranglehold traditional portable game systems have had and the fact that they had, unique to the world, a period of smart flip-phones, causing mobile gaming to go on a different trajectory than anywhere else.)


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