GoNintendo Video - Now Wendy's has Super Mario Maker 2 levels?!

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Arby's took a moment from professing their love of roast beef to create a Super Mario Maker 2 level, and it was pretty good. Now Wendy's has one-upped Arby's by making a whole world of levels, and they're actually pretty fantastic!

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"Fresh, Never Frozen" just like RawMeat Cowboy!

Seriously though, this is the right way to do a bit of advertisement in a game. Those levels are pretty legit.

Tue Jul 16 19 09:56pm
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Be careful RMC, keep this up and you'll be expected to play all levels from fast food chains in the future. :P

I visit here solely for the fast food chain video game news. 😬

Can this be considered product placement?

That frosty one is a bit of a troll level. I think these are great though.

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