Take an updated look at all Switch Joy-Con color combinations

It's so beautiful...

With the announcement of some new Joy-Con colors today, we now have a whole new kaleidoscope of colors to choose from! The above image, compiled by LimeheadGames, shows us all the different Joy-Con color combinations you can have. Which one are you gunning for?

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That's interesting - there's 11 different lefts but only 10 rights?

Wed Jul 17 19 07:24pm
(Updated 1 time)

Apparently so--it seems the deep indigo of the bottom row is available only as a left Joy-Con, not a right one.

EDIT: Looks like fuchsia and dark orange are also only available as a left one, while orange and yellow-orange are available only as right Joy-Cons.

Yeah, there are a number of colors that are either one or the other. But if there's different numbers of them, it must mean that there are two bundles where a different left is paired up with the same right.

Odd combinations.

Why can't they just give us the same joy con colors for both instead of being different?


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