Dr. Mario World hits 5 million downloads in its first week

5 million new doctors out in the wild

Dr. Mario World may not be blowing away the mobile market, but it's certainly having a healthy debut. Sensor Tower has another round of data to share on the game after its first week, and things appear to be going quite well.

- surpassed five million worldwide in its first week
- revenue ahead of several top mobile puzzle titles in the same period following their launches
- ranks fourth among Nintendo’s mobile launches, and is significantly ahead of Dragalia Lost
- managed about 60 percent of the first week downloads of both Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes
- Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp had the best first week of any Nintendo mobile game with approximately 14.8 million players
- $500,000 in player spending to date
- compares favorably to other puzzle titles in the same genre

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Tried it. It's exactly as much fun as any other mobile game, i.e. not at all. But I'm glad they just put out generic mobile games, so that they can focus their efforts on real games instead.

The later levels get pretty challenging.

I believe you, but the whole game just felt like a generic mobile game. Which it is, of course.


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