Astroneer's new Lunar content detailed

Celebrating Apollo 11

Astroneer, which is set to launch on Switch sometime later, has gotten a new Lunar update that is packed with new content. Check out details on what's been added below.

Hello Astroneers! This month's update is a really important one to the team at SES. July 20th is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, and to celebrate, this update's content focused on commemorating this amazing human achievement that has inspired us all.

The game has been updated with even more storage and platform options for your bases!

Medium T-Platform

Printed from: Small Printer
Resource Cost: 2 Plastic
Byte Cost: 1,500

Large T-Platform
Printed from: Medium Printer
Resource Cost: 1 Aluminum Alloy, 2 Plastic
Byte Cost: 4,000

Large Storage Silo A
Printed from: Medium Printer
Resource Cost: 3 Aluminum Alloy
Byte Cost: 5,000

Large Storage Silo B
Printed from: Medium Printer
Resource Cost: 3 Steel
Byte Cost: 7,500

Limited Time Events

In all Astroneer solar systems, a historical lander has appeared and is transmitting mission recordings!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission that put humans on the moon, we are running a special limited time in game event! Starting now until August 31st 2019, players who discover the iconic lander on Desolo will receive:

Vintage Red Palette
Vintage Emblem Visor

In addition, the LEM lander's TV Camera is still operational, and will take photos of intrepid Astroneers that find it! Once taken, make sure to take a screenshot and share with us on social media!

EXO Surface Payload Delivery Airbags have been deployed containing firework variants that can be used to celebrate July holidays as well as the lunar landing anniversary!

Delivery Airbags carrying Fireworks spawn in groups of 3, each having 3 fireworks. Delivery Airbags can’t be picked up and are not shreddable.

Calidor: Yellow fireworks
Vesania: Green Fireworks
Novus : Teal Fireworks
Atrox : Violet Fireworks
Sylva: Red Fireworks
Desolo: Orange Fireworks
Glacio: Blue Fireworks

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