Suda51 and the voice actor for Travis Touchdown sit down for a truly unique video interview

This one's out there...

Suda51 is a very interesting guy. He's not your average game developer. His interviews are usually extremely entertaining for how open and different he is. There have been countless intriguing interviews over the years with Suda51, but I promise you've never seen one quite like the interview above.

Kotaku sat down with Suda51 to talk about...all kinds of stuff. Robin Atkin Downes, the voice of Travis Touchdown, was a part of the interview as well. He clearly is a bit thrown off in the interview, but it just makes the whole thing that much more entertaining.

I don't know that I'd say the video is informative, but with that stated, I do find it to be incredibly entertaining!


God that interviewer is annoying

Yeah I couldn't watch the whole thing. I like Suda51 but that interviewer just made difficult. Plus the editing was obnoxious too.


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