Officially-licensed Donkey Kong coloring book from 1982 depicts Mario as a balding man

Mario sighs...

Back when Nintendo was just finding their way with character designs and merchandise, there were all sorts of crazy things going on. Nintendo seemed to approve anything and everything, which lead to some really unique styles for characters. Case in point, the image above of Mario sitting in a crowd while he watches Pauline sing.

I don't know what's more shocking about this whole setup. Seeing Mario as a balding man certainly doesn't sit right with me, but somehow the coloring book gang managed to nail Pauline's singing gig years before Super Mario Odyssey came out!

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Fri Jul 19 19 08:00pm
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Hmmmm.... maybe now we know why Mario’s ‘stache doesn’t match his hair. Cause it’s not his hair!

Oh, I hate it. Let's hope we never have to see that one again.

Fri Jul 19 19 10:23pm
Rating: 1

Not gonna lie, that expression makes him look a little like RMC.

You are not wrong...

Sat Jul 20 19 12:13am
Rating: 1

Balding at 24? Life's treated our boy pretty rough.

Mario has been using Faceapp, it seems.

Everybody has it all wrong, the original DK simply takes place later in the timeline, so Mario is older there. He's not a plumber anymore by that point, he became a carpenter, left Peach for Pauline, settled in New Donk City and took DK on as a pet... and he went bald as years went on.

I'm half kidding but it could make sense, right ;) ?


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