Piczle Cross Adventure dev blog updated with a new feature on 'faking it'

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The latest dev blog for Piczle Cross Adventure dives into the game's use of Unreal Engine 4, and how it has presented some challenges for the game's visual approach. Check out a snippet of the blog below, and then click over for the full piece.

However fine an engine Unreal Engine 4 is and however great its tools and visual scripting, there are definitely a few areas it doesn’t quite measure up. One of those things is its not-supported-really-but-kinda-in-there Paper2D component, which Piczle Cross Adventure relies on quite heavily. Now of course I could (and perhaps should) be called foolhardy for not choosing an engine better suited to 2D game development but for speed of development I’m sticking with what I know. So instead I deploy a raft of sneaky tactics to bend UE4 to my pixelly will.

The faux CRT effect is a post-process applied to everything in the game. However, Slate Widgets are not affected by post-process effects. This means all the user interfaces, dialogues, options, menus and even the nonogram puzzling has to “physically” be in the world.

Blog here

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