The artists and songs that inspired Koji Kondo

Definitely some similarities

All content creators are inspired by someone who came before them. Film makers, TV producers, game creators, musicians and so-on. They take things they've seen and heard, it gets jumbled up in their brains, and comes out in subtle and not-so-subtle ways in their own work. Koji Kondo is no different, as he's been hugely influenced by a number of notable bands and songs throughout the years.

Kondo's work is famous among Nintendo fans, and even outside of the usual gaming scene. The public at large may not know his name, but many can hum the Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda themes. Curious as to where and how Kondo came up with those memorable tunes? Some of his inspirations may surprise you.

The feature above takes a look at some of Koji Kondo's favorite genres of music, as well as bands, to see if there are any ties between their work and his. The results are pretty impressive. Some of these has been pointed out in previous features, but others are fresh. All in all, a super entertaining and informative look at how Kondo may have been directly inspired by the work of others.

Thanks to iiJcMii for the heads up!


Thomas Game Docs is a great channel, and you should definitely take a look at some of his other stuff!

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