Sonic originally had a Spider-Sense-like ability where he would sneeze prior to incoming danger

Sonic tingle

What in the HELL is this all about?! I have never, ever heard about this, but apparently it's the real deal. At one point in Sonic's history, the blue blur apparently had an ability that would make him sneeze to alert him to danger. Similar to Spider-Man's Spider-Sense, but much weirder.

There's all sorts of history to this sneeze ability as well. It's even part of the Sonic CD intro animation, albeit a very quick portion. There's official Sonic comics and promo materials that mention the sneeze, and even a cut sneezing sprite animation from Sonic CD itself. Man, you think you know everything about a character, and then something like this is unearthed!

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The idea of using a sneeze is pretty weird, but having some kind of animation or alert in the sidescrolling games when there's an obstacle coming up and you're at max speed would be a good way to let the player prepare and maintain their speed. I think they might have been on to something!

They should've kept this. I always have problems doing the time travel thing becaise I'm always colliding with enemies or walls.


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