Super Mario Maker 2's course upload limit raised to 64, will be upped one more time in the future

Push it to the limit!

Super Mario Maker 2's course upload limit just doubled in size. The game originally capped players at 32 stages, but as of today, you can now upload 64 stages in total. The note from Nintendo also says that they'll up the limit once again in the future. Looks like it's time to start really cranking out those stages!

Thanks to KingBroly and HumanFart for the heads up!


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IMO, that should be unlimited as long as you have the storage space!

That means they are gods, they can change anything at their will.

Tue Jul 23 19 09:47pm
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Super Mario Maker 128?

Tue Jul 23 19 10:26pm
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Here's hoping they up the quantity of levels that can be downloaded as well.

IMO, that should be unlimited as long as you have the storage space!

The game only allows you to work on 128 stages locally. So it'll likely be 96 stages at the end of the day.

That's awesome! I imagine the final upload cap will be 96 or 128, probably the latter if they want to stay with powers of 2.

It really should be unlimited, now that Nintendo are charging for people to play online, even though they shouldn't be.

1. 32
2. 64
3. 128?

It would seem the next logical step but I could see them capping it at 100 levels. For the diehards and really creative people, 100 might seem a lot, but it isn't really when you think about it.

Wed Jul 24 19 11:18am
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I'm not a tech guy, BUT considering how easily exploiting hacking has been. Wouldn't allowing infinite stages let some to spam the game with levels?

I think a higher number should be allowed but infinite might have negative repercussions on the long run. I think.

The original limit is likely to impact many and the new limit even less. I don’t want unlimited uploads allowed because that’ll mean unlimited garbage.

Oh, will you look at that. People were griping over it for nothing now.


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