Nintendo UK not offering free Switch Joy-Con drift fixes (UPDATE)

Sorry, UK

Here in the states, we now know that Nintendo is going to fix Joy-Con drift for free, no matter if your Joy-Con are within warranty or not. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the UK. A Nintendo UK customer service rep has said that there are no changes to the situation in the UK, so business will continue as usual. If Nintendo UK announces anything different, we'll be sure to let you know.

UPDATE - It appears the situation is the same in France as well.

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Wed Jul 24 19 06:43pm
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However according to Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/chalec/in_the_uk_we_still_cant_get_free_joy_con_repairs/eurmv5d/) They will fix it for free here in the Netherlands.

I think it will simply take some time for a new global policy to be put in place.

Well this is silly, they've already fixed the drift of my joy cons for free in the UK. Although I did have other issues. I suppose they'll only fix the drifting if you have other issues. Normally by the time I get the drifting issue back the rails ned replacing or the charging is a mess so I write that down as the reason and then it all gets fixed for free, drifting included.
They even pay for the postage too.

So US is confirmed thought it was a rumor?

Well, according to EU law, they might have to, unless they can say either that the joycon are supposed to be like this, or that it's due to mishandling by the customer.

European consumer protection law is usually really good, the EU may go after Nintendo if they don't take any action themselves. Perhaps it needs for someone to sue Nintendo here in Europe to light a fire under their butt. Nintendo weren't proactive in the US before the lawsuit.

Thu Jul 25 19 09:06am
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News Flash: a leaked internal memo is not an invitation to send your joycons in. Use your heads people. These things take time to roll out. Think of the logistics involved. Could be MONTHS before this trickles down to call centre employees in all regions. Doubt it’s even rolled out in NoA yet.

Come on people! Be smart, its not like this is an Xbox website


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