Nintendo named the second most cash-rich company in Japan

Well done, Nintendo!

Japanese analysis firm Risk Masters has put out a report on the top cash-rich companies in Japan as of 2019. This list was compiled by calculating the net cash companies have on-hand. The top spot overall was given to Toshiba, which came in at $9 billion. Nintendo was right behind in second place, with an estimated $7.79 billion in net cash.

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Cash is king for Nintendo

Thu Jul 25 19 04:57pm
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Dooomed. Nintendo will always be doomed!

Thu Jul 25 19 06:18pm
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Nintendo should (and could) just purchase the DOOM franchise.

Well done Nintendo, but in a way it shouldn't be surprising. They've made a lot of money from selling Switch hardware and expensive peripherals. But in particular, they've creamed massive profits off a lot of cheap Wii U ports and used the templates of Wii U games for Switch sequels. The Switch Lite will make them even more money.

I wonder where Honda is on that list. Certainly, Honda was the company affected by the Takata air bag recall the most, and as a result, they've taken a pretty big hit from it (and will continue to do so, as air bags are continuing to be recalled, even after Takata has gone out of business).

Well done Nintendo! Now if you don't mind to give us SNES, Gba, gcn and Wii for switch?


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