Take a peek at Nintendo's ChinaJoy 2019 booth

Oh joy!

As we mtnioned earlier today, Nintendo is attending ChinaJoy 2019 for the first time ever, and it's all to promote the Switch. While we don't have actual pictures of what Nintendo's booth will look like, we do have the next best thing. A 3D render of Nintendo's booth was created to show off what the setup will be like! Hopefully fans in China will flock to the booth when ChinaJoy kicks off in Aug. 2019.

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Thu Jul 25 19 04:29pm
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I wonder if these are the only games that will be at the press conference (and if so, man will that conference be boring), or if these were the only games that (since already fully translated) they were confident enough will release to have playable. Because that looks like a tiny booth.

I just wanted to mtnion that mtnioned might have been wrongfully mtnioned. Hehe
I believe it will be a smaller launch and then expand. I don't expect them to put over 2 years of Switch content at once.


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