RUMOR - DOOM 64 may be coming to Switch

I'd buy this in a heartbeat

DOOM Classic, II, and III all came to Switch today as surprise releases. It's great to have so much DOOM on the platform, but there's still one game that fans are looking to add to their collection. DOOM 64 came out on the N64 back in 1997, and as far as we know, it hasn't seen a re-release anywhere since. Good news is, that seems like it's going to change really soon.

A PEGI rating has popped up for DOOM 64 on both PC and PS4. While there might not be mention of Switch, it should be noted that the PEGI ratings for both DOOM Classic and DOOM II only mentioned PC and PS4 as well. That's certainly a great indicator of the title making its way to Switch as well!

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Doom 64. Playstation 4.

Double Take

Hope we get Final Doom too!

I wonder if it'll be a new port of the game done by Nerve or another studio, or if Bethesda contacted the guy who did Doom 64 EX and they're doing an official commercial release of his fan remake.

Yes! Give me more Doom! But brighten it up first. The N64 game is almost unplayable on my modern setup since the picture is so dark.


Although I've had this thing were there's a certain level in the game that every time I've played it I've fallen into some ditch that I've never figured out how to get out of so I end up never getting past that part of the game and just give up.

It's REEEALLY annoying.

This game has the kind of atmosphere I wish the new Doom games had.

That would be pretty cool. Even Hugo Martin said some of his first exposure to Doom was Doom 64.


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