Take a peek at what's inside the Switch Lite

Up close and personal

The FCC has given the Switch Like the okay to hit retail, which is why preorders opened up just a few days back. Now the entire FCC PDF is online, complete with pics of the Switch Lite's guts. The pics give us a look at the new battery, the Mariko X1 chip, and a few other changes.

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Sat Aug 03 19 04:04pm
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Wait it has a fan? What... is it just a much smaller (less powerful) fan, is that how they can manage the system being smaller?. If they were able to fit a fan in, why can't it dock. It having a fan changes a lot, I'm a lot more confused now. I thought the entire point was to get rid of the fan...

Also pretty massive shame we couldn't see the actual Tegra itself, they didn't get rid of the thermal paste....

Maybe it's just that the fan isn't powerful enough to use docked.

That's what I'm thinking, I would assume the idea then was to use a smaller fan, taking up less space, and also using far less power than the current fan, not allowing it to dock, but still providing enough cooling for a smaller Switch with a much smaller battery.

However, if people take apart the new flagship Switches, and they use the same exact smaller fan, then I will be a bit concerned. Its not like the battery size being smaller would affect docking. So I guess we have to wait for that.

Sat Aug 03 19 05:33pm
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At least with the 2DS they changed the name to mimick what it can/can not do, here they just slapped a "Lite" name on it and wish it to just surf freely on the Switch wave. They could have at least make it dockable. Very bad move from Nintendo this one. It's going to cause so much confusion. Gah!


oh gosh. Right side of the controls and the main motherboard are one, so if the Right side has drifting problems...

I sure hope they fixed the drifting issue already or this can be a fiasco unlike any other.

The concern is kinda justified, but I doubt they'd be so careless as to push a new console with the same physical problems.

Naturally, it all depends on when production started. If it was after the drifting issues were discovered internally or externally, then they couldnt not have fixed it in time of the Lite's release.

I see where the concern is coming from, but if Nintendo messes this up then yikes.

Damn hppy mine works fine.

Where's the hamster in the wheel? 😉

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