Samurai Showdown's director says making all fighters perfectly balanced is boring

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Balance is talked about a lot in the fighting game scene, and players are quick to point out any moves they feel are too overpowered and unfair. Most developers are quick to jump on balancing as soon as a game comes out to help fans feel like they're getting a fair fight, but Samurai Shodown director Nobuyuki Kuroki doesn't really think that way.

“I feel that if you make everything too flat in a game like Samurai Shodown, it’s going to be boring. There is a lot of character personality, even among how weak or strong they are. There’s going to be some balancing, but we’re never going to make it completely flat.”

For Kuroki, it's all about finding a different type of balance in the fighters' varied powers. There's something pretty interesting about that approach!

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Sounds more like he's being lazy.

No, he's just being realistic. You can't have character variation AND perfect balance. Tiers will always manifest eventually.

Fighting game developers need to learn from this man.

Prime examples:

Smash Bros Melee, still going all these years later.
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Umvc3, insanely imbalanced rosters on each but just a delight to play and watch, plus when somebody pulls out the low tiers, things get hype.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom needs my attention again...

Perfect balance leads to stagnation. In order for the metagame to continue to evolve years after a game with different playable options comes out, there has to be a bit of imbalance, even if it's just one character being slightly better than another.

Kuroki is a smarter man than he sounds.

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