Marvel Team-Up comic features a nod to StarFox

Don't get too cocky

The latest issue of the Marvel Team-Up comic featuring Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel has a snippet where the two are talking about StarFox. Captain Marvel is the one who brings up StarFox, and she's actually talking about Marvel's StarFox, who was also known as Eros of Titan. Ms. Marvel doesn't know who Eros is, so for her, the only StarFox that makes sense to her is Fox McCloud and his team! Nice to see this little nod thrown in, as I know I thought about it the first time I found out who StarFox was!

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Starfox (Eros) is also Thanos' hedonistic brother (hence the black light joke). Especially because he has the power to manipulate other people by making them horny. Just some extra Marvel trivia for you! He's not big and purple, Thanos was a mutant. The other Titans look like humans. The first appearance of the character Starfox (Eros) also predates the first Starfox game by 20 years, just in case anyone thinks Marvel is stealing names from Nintendo.

It's a bit of an inappropriate line for Carol to be making in front of a teenager :|

What's going on with Kamala here? She looks weird.

This comic is written by former polygon co creators Justin and Griffin McElroy's dad. He also cowrote the recent adventure zone graphic novel and Marvel's "Journey into Mystery"

I'm sure Marvel's Starfox has a rumble pack too

Can Marvel's StarFox also do a barrel roll?


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