Re-ment officially reveals Steampunk-themed Kirby merch


After various teases were shared, Re-ment has finally come forward to reveal its full Steampunk-themed Kirby merch lineup for Japan. As already covered, the rundown includes six figurine sets based on ‘Kirby’s Dreamy Gear‘ designs. Kirby, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, Magolor, Daroach, and King Dedede are getting makeovers, completely with steampunk gear. These figurines will launch as blind boxes in Japan on Nov. 18th, 2019, and they're priced at 800 yen a piece.

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Something I love about Japanese blind-box stuff is how often their figures come with accessories! Even gacha figures often come with a little accessory. Since I love setting up my figurines in fun little scenes, it really adds something.

I love Magolor's apples. Nice Kirby deep cut there.

They do a steampunk Kirby and no sign of Susie? This would be right up her alley.


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