Pokemon Co. made $2.98 billion from physical products in 2018

Making some BANK

License Global has put out their annual Top 150 Global Licencors feature for 2019, which takes a look at the physical sales for companies in 2018. Coming in at #23 on the list is Pokemon Co., which managed to rake in $2.98 billion across all of their physical sales. That includes the entire lineup of games, merch, and other products. Not included are any digital sales the company made, which no doubt were quite a contributing factor to overall profits.

If you want to read more on what License Global had to say, you can check out the full feature here.

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With how successful this series is merch-wise, it would be really interesting to see how they factor that in when designing new pokemon.

I think the next gen Pikachu look-a-like answers that Smile

I know! Morpeko is awesome, and I want to use it in an online battling team!

I'd like to know how this money is dealt with. Pokemon Company is joint owned by three companies, are the profits always sitting at Pokemon Company or does it feed back to the others. I can't imagine the later cause GameFreak and Creatures seem so small in comparison.

Really throws it all into perspective now, doesn't it? Game Freak realizes they are only a small piece of the Pokémon pie and are prioritizing Project Gear and Town while Pokémon Sword and Shield cuts corners and looks mediocre in many respects, because why bother putting in the effort when mobile games and plush dolls crush you in sales? This joint venture is really lopsided.

This reminds me of another place I worked for, where the content we made was instrumental and the lifeblood for the company yet all the promotions and money when to the people in sales. I know a lot of people are hating on Game Freak right now but I also wonder how much control do they really have when a larger entity has a constant stream of quotas for them to fulfill.

Nintendo, just buy the IP and take good care of it. Gamefreak is terrible for doing 3d graphics.

Are they ranking franchises or companies? If it's the latter, no doubt Disney's at the very top, with Lego and Hasbro not far behind, but I wonder which ones they are.

Besides those three, ones that very likely have more money coming in than that I can think of are Time Warner/Warner Bros., Illumination, Sanrio, Toei, Universal/DreamWorks/Viacom, Mattel, Activision, BBC, King Features Syndicate, King (as in the UK mobile developer), Scholastic, Rovio, and Tencent. And the non-Pokémon part of Nintendo. Possibly Microsoft if Minecraft is included within it. Not sure if 20th Century Fox is included or if it's categorized together with Disney though.

Except for Rovio, all of those are multi-franchise companies though. Pokémon Company, of course, deals with just one franchise, so it'd be impressive to be that far up with that narrow of a focus.


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