GameStop offering $225 trade-in credit on a Switch

Perfect time to trade for a Switch Lite

Would you like to grab a Switch Lite, but you already have a Switch? Don't have the cash to spend on purchasing a Switch Lite flat out? GameStop has a fantastic deal going on right now. Normally a Switch trade-in is worth $200, but right now they're offering a bonus $25 with hardware trade-ins. In other words, you can get a Switch without actually spending a single penny!

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Id trade mine in if this was for the new model with the better battery

The new model doesn't have a better battery. It has a better CPU (more efficient) which can also be found in the Switch Lite. The "new model" has the same battery as the old one (same mAh) the lite has a smaller battery)

Strange that they advertised the new switch would have a significantly improved battery life then. By 2-3 hours. Maybe if it's not bigger, it's at least a BETTER battery.

the battery isn't bigger, nor Better.
The new Tegra chip just runs more efficiently so that it requires less energy to run.

Tue Aug 13 19 05:37pm
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You got a source for that? I wanna see where it says the battery is the same

Welp they do look pretty similar. I do wonder what the specific hardware design of each battery is though. I do know theres a difference in performance between exact same batteries but different brands across the board.

They are 100% the same battery. They even have the same model number (HAC-03). A different battery would have gotten a different model number.
The only real difference is the better CPU that is clocked at the same speed as the OG Switch CPU. This makes the CPU more power efficient.

Actually if they clocked this CPU higher and make the battery life the same as the OG Switch this would actually be the "Switch Pro". (Because the rumored Switch Pro would have this CPU)

Maybe overclocking could take advantage of this. I dunno if it does that in handheld tho

Tue Aug 20 19 04:15am
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That might improve loading times and even the framerate in some games. But without proper optimisation, it wouldn't really make a difference.

Maybe Nintendo would add a "boost mode" which would only work on the revised Switch and the Lite. But I really don't see that happening since it would fragment the userbase.


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