Wireless SNES controller appears in FCC database

Nintendo has recently submitted a file for a new bluetooh-powered controller. The image above appeared in the Federal Communications Commission ID database, and the controller very clearly resembles a SNES controller. The device’s FCC ID is BKE HAC-042, in which "BKE" refers to Nintendo products and "HAC" is a common prefix for Nintendo's FCC IDs. 

In short, it appears that there may be SNES controllers coming to the Nintendo Switch. If this is true, then it's very likely that we'll see SNES games appear on the Switch as well. We'll have to wait for an official announcement from Nintendo, but if these images are appearing in the FCC database, then it should not be long before an announcement is made.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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Oh man, this is gonna be quite the day.

It doesn't look like it has the rail like the NES controllers do. It seems like the buttons on top are there, though. So I guess it could be?

I kinda wanted the rails, though, because I wanted my Switch to one day be snug between 2 N64 controllers attached to it

Tue Aug 13 19 10:18am
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...thank you for this mental image! :D

It's the Dream, what can I say?

About time, Ninty. While you're at it, get more than 2 games out a month. Want more people to subscribe then work for it!

While still slow, about damn time Nintendo does something!

Tue Aug 13 19 10:55am
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Inspecting closely. . . Hmmmm. It looks to have the joy-con (SL)and(SR) instead of the original (L)&(R). Perhaps the rail is somehow obscured...

A weird thought occurs.... What if it's actually a wireless og Wii Classic controller?!?

Tue Aug 13 19 11:55am
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""HAC" is a common prefix for Nintendo's FCC IDs. "

No, HAC is their abbreviation for the Nintendo Switch, just as NTR was the DS or DOL is the GameCube. HAC-001 is a Switch console, for example.

I don't know what HAC stands for, though. Usually its derived from the system's development code name (Nitro and Dolphin for DS and GC).

I haven't read this anywhere so I don't know this to be true but I believe HAC stands for Handheld And Console.
The Switch Lite is HDH-001 so that may be High Definition Handheld...


And it only took 2 and a half to 3 years for the Switch to get SNES games if this is true as we suspect. 😜

Good lord, please let it be so. I just want to play some Super Metroid or EarthBound on the go already. I can't take another one of these ancient arcade port novelties that a calculator can play.

At least they stopped at a flat subscription fee for ~50 NES games and didn't sell each one individually... for 9.99-19.99 a piece... *glares at Sony.*

When they inevitably add SNES games, I suspect they're going to introduce another more expensive Nintendo Switch Online bundle. And so on if they add N64 games, etc. The NES one will be just the basic entry level.

While I personally hope that doesn't happen, I wouldn't be too surprised if they ended up doing that.

could this means that SNES games is coming to Switch online service i hope so.


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