John Romero says Empire of Sin on Switch is being developed alongside the other versions, and is not a port

The way it should be

John Romero is working on Empire of Sin, which was announced for Switch back at E3 2019. This will be Romero's first game on Switch, and his team is going out of their way to get things right with their debut. In an interview with GamesIndustry, Romero explains that Empire of Sin on Switch isn't a port. It's a version being worked on every day alongside the other versions.

"As we're developing the game, it's on the Switch every day. We develop milestones on every platform. It's not like we're going to port the thing to the Switch. We're making it on the Switch while we make it on all the platforms. We're working on the Switch to make sure it's fast, it's performant, that it handles memory the right way, and that it's not like we have a bunch of work to do after we get the game done to get the Switch working."

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Oh look! A smart developer and publisher who adapt rather than make excuses ad naseum.

He is one of the ancients so I would hope so.

I'm now really curious what a guy like John Carmack would be able to achieve on Switch, dude was always super good with tech (he actually helped out Ken Silverman when he was making the Build Engine that powered games like Duke Nukem 3D and Blood, and for the last iteration of id Tech he worked on, id Tech 5 which powered the original Rage, he actually got it to run at 60 FPS on console).

Instead, he has been working miracles getting compelling VR to work on a mobile chip. The Oculus Quest is something Facebook itself didn't expect to exist by this year.

It'll still get called a port. I can sense it.


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