The Joy-Con bundled with the Switch revision are slightly different from the originals

It's what on the inside that counts

Turns out the Joy-Con that come with the Switch revision are indeed slightly different from what we've been using the last 2+ years. The video above picks apart the Joy-Con included with the Switch revision, and compares them with the version we're all used to. There are numerous minor differences, including the housing for the controller stick being revamped. As to what difference this makes overall, that remains to be seen.

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I wonder if this has anything to do with their lack of comment on Joy Con drift issues. Maybe they didn’t want to give away the model update before they were ready to drop it?

If that is the case though, why wouldn’t Nintendo at least mention that they were aware of the problem and working on some kind of solution?

Wed Aug 14 19 01:44am
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Probably because they’re being sued and shouldn’t comment on it. Admitting it’s a problem would leave them culpable. I think that’s why we got the non-response from them awhile ago, anyways. As far as I know, even the replacement program was never officially announced— it was a leaked internal memo or something like that.

My Switch Pro controller drifts to the left. I’m debating whether to send it to Nintendo or try to fix it myself.

Still don't get it though. I mean, why not respond to the drift issues earlier? They knew the issue and yet, they had no comment on it.

Either way, I have never come across the the drifting so can't say much.

According to one of the comments, the new Joy-Cons only delay the time that the drifting would normally occur by a bit more. So, no, it has not been fixed. At all.

This has been well documented on a Reddit post: As long as they continue to use graphite, the drifting will always be a latent defect waiting to happen.

Yeah this here. Flawed design has not changed. Oh well. I sent mine in for free Nintendo repair. We’ll see what I get back.

Every control will drift eventually (unless it uses some kind of optic or magnetic method). from gamecube ones, to PS4 ones all of them can drift eventually. The goal is decrease the likehood of that happening. It is still using graphite and sliding contacts, but I doubt there is another way to do a stick that small and that cheap.

That being said, it seems that the solder mask is thicker so it should shield better the analog tracks from graphite dust. We also don't know if the materials were adjusted in any way that prevent the drift even further. Ony time will tell.

Also, this type of joycon has been spoted since a few months ago in the market

I think the Switch will have further issues throughout its lifespan, and beyond. Like there will be problems with replacing the main battery in years to come.


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