Nintendo going after game music YouTube channels once again

Sour note

While Nintendo may have eased up on channels using their gameplay footage in video reviews and features, it seems they're continuing their crusade against channels that upload music tracks from their games. Within the last 24 hours, Nintendo has hit YouTube channel GilvaSunner with hundreds upon hundreds of takedowns. Why Nintendo feels these channels are a threat is unknown, as Nintendo is yet to comment on the action they've taken.


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Nintendo may be well within their right to do this, but that doesn't stop it from being a dick move.

Maybe if they made it easily available or affordable folks wouldn't feel the need to have to archive and upload their music online.

Nintendo may be well within their right to do this, but that doesn't stop it from being a dick move.

Maybe if they made it easily available or affordable folks wouldn't feel the need to have to archive and upload their music online.

Wed Aug 14 19 07:51pm
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I fully agree. At the same time though I've noticed many youtubers releasing soundtracks for Nintendo games BEFORE the game's release and the latest one was with Fire Emblem 3H. That is sure to rub Nintendo the wrong way and to set their sights on youtube even more and certainly did help in creating today's situation.

Completely agree, I assume you remember the whole thing with Crunchii and Smash Ultimate's sountrack.

Yeah I didn't know them by name but I was referring to them when I said some youtubers uploaded stuff too early.

A lot of game companies have been putting their soundtracks on Spotify. If Nintendo followed suit, this move wouldn’t suck nearly as bad.

There are a couple on there, including Xenoblade 2 and select songs from Mario Odyssey. Xenoblade 2's can be bought for $40 from Amazon or itunes as well. Other stuff is trickier, though

I personally hear a lot of Koji Kondo on my Pandora.

they aren't a threat. they are uploading something they don't own. what if you made something and someone stole it and shared it for free? wouldn't you get mad?

Most indies welcome it as it's essentially free publicity, see Toby Fox for example.
He still sold his album on his bandcamp, but welcomed the ost being put on youtube.

Wayforward as well, albeit Wayforward are hardly indie.

Plus some devs welcome Piracy (see Hotline Miami) so long as people are playing and enjoying, it spreads the word.

That said, this and my examples aren't exactly similar cases.

I agree. It stinks but that’s the price to pay.

Wed Aug 14 19 08:30pm
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If it’s something I was actually selling (the games), then yes. If it’s something I wasn’t selling or distributing at all in the first place (digital versions of most of their OST’s) then no. Yes, Nintendo is fully within their legal right to do this. No, that doesn’t mean it’s not a dick move. Nintendo has some of the most beloved OST’s in the game industry. Loads of people listen to them when working or relaxing. Also, it had become custom for soundtracks from movies, TV shows, and games to be available online, either to buy and download or stream on platforms like Spotify. They should take a hint.

Wed Aug 14 19 04:55pm
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Heres a thought Nintendo how about you sell your music digitally. So its easy to access. I would GLADLY buy Tropical Freeze, Diddy's Kong Quest, Wind Waker, Mario Galaxy, 3D World, Mario 64, Mario Kart 8, Diddy Kong Racing, Xenoblade/2, Wario Land Shake It, DKC, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Galaxy 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn, ARMS, Splatoon/2, Yoshi Wooly World, Mario Odyssey, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, F-Zero X, Super Metroid, SMW2: Yoshis Island, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Punch-Out!!, and a few more OST's in a heartbeat!

This is terrible. Most of these channels aren't making any revenue from this. There's not alternative, so this is just a massive dick move. They really need to do something with this now. Spotify is far from ideal because of the lack of song choice without premium.

Oh lord. Like they're going to be able to make a profit selling it? Talk about a niche market. Just let people post video game music on YouTube ffs.

Wed Aug 14 19 07:52pm
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What threats? These people knew the consequences when posting stuff even if they give credit. Maybe Nintendo has plans. Who knows. It sucks, yes but hey if I have to pay to play music then so be it.

Wed Aug 14 19 09:09pm
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Maybe if Nintendo put the soundtracks on all the big/popular streaming services and sold their cd releases outside of Japan they wouldn't see the YouTube videos get such high view counts. I love importing CDs when I can but not everyone is savvy enough to know how to go about that if they want a cd at all.

Wed Aug 14 19 10:04pm
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Nintendo has an obligation to defend their IP. I get that. Like everyone is saying though, maybe they should try selling these soundtracks. If not that, how bout giving us something to spend those Club Nintendo platinum points on? Oh wait, can’t do that. Then they’d be at risk of making it a good service.

That music was like free publicity. I know someone who actually got interested in a game because they happened to hear a song from it and liked it. I think Nintendo is shooting themselves in the foot with this. Just let the people enjoy this music, chances are they've already bought the game. So what's it hurting anyway?

Music can inspire people in many ways, actually convincing people to play the source game is so common place its maddening to think Nintendo would throw that away.

The amount of folks I've convinced to play Grandia 2 over the years based solely on its soundtrack has got to be somewhere in the double digits by now.

Ok Nintendo, just how are we suppose to listen to music that you never bothered to distribute in the first place?

It's almost like they want their legacy to be unavailable to people as the years go on.

Welcome to the Furukawa era. Enjoy your stay.

I get this weird feeling we are gonna get some sort of wacky Nintendo only music service. Should just be on spotify

Nintendo needs to start an official channel that has all of their game themes. Heck, even Smash Bros does a very good job at including most of Nintendo's themes already. Just start from there and build upon that so that everyone can enjoy their game's music.


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