Grandia HD Collection's German translation has a pretty funny mistranslation

Hit or fräulein

The Grandia HD Collection is now available, and German players who picked up the game have caught a pretty funny mistake. Whoever handled the German translation went a little too literal with one of their word choices.

When you go to attack an enemy but miss, the game exclaims "Fräulein." This does mean 'miss' in German, but it's referring to a woman, so it really means 'miss/lady.' What they were going for was either 'daneben' or 'verfehlt.' Not a major issue or anything like that, but still a funny mistake!

Thanks to Tif for the heads up!


It's undoubtly funny, but man...
How lazy can a localisation be? Just pull it thorugh the Google translator and call it a day, I guess...

Sat Aug 17 19 03:36pm
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It is more likely, that the translator just did not get any additional context of what they are actually translating. Translator do not have an easy job : http://1uptranslations.com/en/localization-blog/2016/03/how-to-translate-a-game-for-locjam

However, this is still hilariously funny

Thank you! That was a great read and very informative. Smile


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