Nintendo of America says they do not have an exchange program for revised Switch models

Looks like you're out of luck

Earlier in the week, we saw reports of people contacting Nintendo customer service looking to exchange their recently-purchased Switch for one of the revised Switch units with better battery life. Nintendo customer service reps were supposedly telling people that so long as they could provide evidence of having purchased their Switch on/after July 17th, 2019, they would swap out their purchase for a revised Switch model. We reached out to Nintendo of America on the matter, who has provided us with this statement.

“We do not have a Nintendo Switch exchange program. We always want players to enjoy their Nintendo Switch systems, and if anything ever gets in the way of that, we encourage them to visit http://support.nintendo.com for support, or to contact our consumer support team.”

As we guessed earlier, this seems to be a case of select Nintendo customer service reps dishing out details that aren't exactly true. If anyone actually did get their Switch exchanged for the revised unit, it seems that option is no longer being offered.

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Sun Aug 18 19 06:17am
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Don’t you have a 30 day return & exchange guarantee from the retailer you bought it from? Go have a knock on their door. Why does this fall on Nintendo to offer you a cheaper price or battery exchange?

Sun Aug 18 19 05:17am
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Ok, so then do an offer at a cheap price that will allow us to get it exchanged. I mean, why can't they give us the option to replace the battery?

Sun Aug 18 19 06:17am
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Don’t you have a 30 day return & exchange guarantee from the retailer you bought it from? Go have a knock on their door. Why does this fall on Nintendo to offer you a cheaper price or battery exchange?

This. I understand how that must suck for one to get a regular Switch only for this more-efficient model to come out right after, but as you said this does not fall on Nintendo at all and they certainly do not have to offer any sort of exchange program at all.

In any case you wouldn't be missing out on anything really. It has better battery and a more efficient SOC, but you still play the same games with the same performance as anybody else.

Not exactly. If Nintendo wants to provide supply for this one, they would have to discontinue selling the older one and then end production and when that happens, getting it repaired would be difficult since they have different chipsets and Nintendo would rather use the new chipset than continue to supply the older one.

Sun Aug 18 19 02:31pm
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Your comment doesn't make sense, they ARE discontinuing the older model. That's the whole point of this revision! Just because that particular model is being phased out doesn't mean Nintendo doesn't have the tools to get your model repaired.

They will have the tools but the supply for the chipset will be absent once they end production. It's happened many times like 3ds for example.

In this case, they will probably stop supporting the older model sooner than later.

There's just too much "this" in your comment, Alleycat. Yeah, sure, it sucks for thos people who wanted better battery life and all, but sheesh, the entitlement in some people. No wonder we're seeing the "offended generation".

Every generation is "offended" by the previous generation and vice versa.

Not as much as they are these days. Not from what I remember anyway., Or from generations before that even, like my dad who was born in 1924. They didn't get offended all the time. So...no!

Because I got this a year ago. If they are going to do a service, they can charge you half the price that it would cost to get the new revision as means of getting the chips replaced.

That's actually better instead of getting the revision, transfering the stuff and then selling the old one.

Gamestop are offering a decent trade in for the original model if you buy the new model.

Nintendo owes you nothing in this scenario. Especially to someone who bought their Switch a year ago.

Sun Aug 18 19 02:09pm
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I am not saying that they should owe me or anyone who bought the original model. I am just saying that they should give us an option for getting the new one at a decent price like gamestop since its the exact same thing only with a better battery.

Why should they? Why should any company do such a thing when they release newer models of hardware? Try provide an answer that doesn’t equate to just blind entitlement.

It’s not like they secretly burned early adopters. And it’s not “the exact same thing only with a better battery”. It’s a revised chipset that results in more power efficiency.

Feel free to sell your current Switch and put the proceeds towards a newer model.

Mon Aug 19 19 01:33am
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I'm not demanding them to do so here nor am I saying that they should.

In terms of service, if the older model is going to like not last even three hours, for someone whose battery is dead or wasted, why can't Nintendo instead give an offer to give the customer a better switch instead of replacing the battery for the older switch?

Odds are that Nintendo will discontinue the old switch model meaning that the supply for that chipset ends. If that is the case, getting it repaired will be impossible for Nintendo to do for the older models.

Like how is Nintendo going to talk to the customer that this older model is outdated and so they will have to buy the newer switch?

You realise that there has already been a chipset revision in the regular battery life Switch? I have a launch day Switch and if you got yours a year ago then you likely have an updated chipset compared to mine.

Of course they can and will repair older models, like they have with all their past consoles.

You can go and get a bigger capacity battery today and put it into your Switch if you want.

If this new model didn’t even exist and Nintendo was unable to repair your Switch, they’re not going to give you a free replacement if it’s out of warranty.

Mon Aug 19 19 09:45am
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Of course they can and will repair older models, like they have with all their past consoles.

That is where you are wrong. The best example I can think of is the 3DS where once the new 3DS models were revealed, Nintendo ended production of the original 3DS as well as services.

The same thing will happen here except that it may be sooner because like I said earlier, there is literally no difference between the two in terms of price and to supply the red one, of course they would have to discontinue the older one.

But the battery is the same in both models, so they can fix that anytime...anywhere...

When the New 3DS launched Nintendo absolutely repaired and serviced regular 3DS’s that were within Warranty. I know because I got mine repaired about 6 months after the new 3DS launched.

If my 3DS was outside of warranty then I wouldn’t expect Nintendo to replace it with a New 3DS or even offer me a discounted New 3DS.

You did it as soon as the new 3ds was revealed. I am talking about after a few months where they would discontinue it and end production to support newer models.

It wasn't long that they need the original 3ds when the new models were out.

If you're saying that Nintendo should not give an exchange for the revised one, then fine. But tell me, why can't they offer us the revised one with a fee? That way, when you want a better battery life, they can simply replace the old chipset with the new one. Problem solved.

Why should I buy it when Nintendo can add the better performance in their service?

What part of “about 6 months after the New 3DS launched” didn’t you get?

They can offer you the revised one at a fee....that fee being the MSRP.

What part of “about 6 months after the New 3DS launched” didn’t you get?

The part that you did it while they were supplying the older models?

When you look at the price of both models, they are the same thing. Since Nintendo hasn't marketed the revision, users will get confused as to what switch they should buy and to avoid that, Nintendo will have to end the production of it.

Yeah I get that Nintendo doesn't owe you or anyone a thing here. But for the ones that bought the old one and want the new one because of the better battery, Nintendo can offer a repair service with a good fee that allows us to get the revision. If Microsoft is offering trade in for 360 for Xbox one, why can't Nintendo do the same?

It's not simply a better battery in the new units. They're using a newer revision of the Tegra X1 that's more power-efficient. That's primarily where the better battery life comes from; in fact, I'm not sure they actually upgraded the battery itself at all.

From what I've seen around the internet, battery in the new units is actually smaller than the original.

Sun Aug 18 19 11:22am
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For the Switch lite yes, the re-visioned normal Switch has the exact same battery as the previous one.

The chipset is what has changed. That makes the battery life longer.

Where did this story of them exchanging Switch originate?

Sun Aug 18 19 11:04am
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Someone made a post on the Nintendo Switch reddit, and like always, media took the story and publicized it without fact checking whatsoever.

Well, welcome to the internet, eh?

Mon Aug 19 19 11:13am
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Honestly, not even just the internet nowadays.

More like, welcome to modern "journalism"

And a very big, sad "Yeah, that too"! It's odd how when living in a world with a continuous interface to all information on the net, people chose to stay naive.

Pretty sure Kotaku or someone then contacted customer support to confirm that you can trade in Switch units for revised ones and they said yes. Sounds like miscommunication from Nintendo support.

Sounds like bad "reporting" to get miscommunication like that.

Somebody keeps making up "too-good-to-be-true" stories about NOA customer service just so when they aren't true, people can get mad at the company.

Ok. So what people are asking for is a simple program where you can give in your old switch and get the new version for a discounted price. Kinda like how Samsung and Apple do with their phones that get recycled every 9 months to a year. Oh! They don't?! How dare they!!!

Apple does provide trade in value for old models. With the most amount given to the immediate previous model.

It's not actually run by Apple. It'd be like Nintendo referring you to GameStop for trade-ins.

Yes they partner with a 3rd partner but they also provide the facility on their website and stores. They don’t “refer” you to anyone, they handle the interaction between you, the customer, and facilitate what they need to for the 3rd party.


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