Nightdive Studios says Switch port of Shadow Man is possible

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I have very fond memories of playing Shadow Man on the N64. There really wasn't anything else like it on the platform. A game about a possessed man who stalked criminals in the spirit world. It had such an interesting vibe, and was actually really fun as well! Now it seems there's a chance this N64 hidden gem could be making its way to Switch.

Nightdive Studios, the team behind Turok and Turok 2 on Switch, also handled a Steam release of Shadow Man back in 2013. When the studio's CEO was asked if we could ever hope to see Shadow Man on Switch, he responded simply be saying it's possible. Hopefully if enough fans make noise, this will move from possible to definite!

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LOLZ. Remember back in the N64vsPS1 era where the Sony clan was "Hah. N64 couldn't handle FF7 because cartidges" (true). And then Ninty folks "Hah...But no loading times.". Apart from this game, because it was the one N64 game that had some real nasty loadng times. Then again, games like this one and the Turok games couldn't run on the PS1 because hardware... What a fun time the 90's was =)

I would love for a port of this game since it's a really good game. But I would love even more that it would get a remake. This game is worth it, but I am in the minoroty on that, for sure. Great game. Pretty dark.


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