Astral Chain devblog update: "The Wide World of UI, Part I"

A bad UI can break a game

Platinum Games has updated their Astral Chain dev blog yet again with a new feature. This time we get a deep look at how the game's user interface was created, as well as info on just how important a game's UI can be. Check out a snippet below, then click over for the full feature.

UI artists design and create the game’s user interface: lock-on cursors, health bars, dialogue boxes, map screens, title menus, weapon and item icons, so on and so forth. On top of designing and making all these UI elements themselves, we also create animations for them, so that they react properly as they appear, disappear and respond to user interaction.

A game’s user interface needs an overall design concept, just like characters and environmental art do! The main defining characteristic of ASTRAL CHAIN’s setting is that it’s a technologically advanced near future, with plenty of information and detail shown through holograms.

Full blog here

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I'm a huge fan of UI, it's something I never truly understood how effective it can be for a user until trying to make it myself.

Yeah, but I think in some games it needs to also fit the setting it's being used. Like for example in God of War. It since you need to use it often, I think it could have been better designed to fit that game. I think the one in Lords of Shadow didn't pull me out as much (nitpicking but still).


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