Switch Online NES Collection updated to Version 3.1.0 (Kung-Fu, Vice: Project Doom, and Gradius SP 2)

Welcome to your doom

The Switch Online NES Collection has been updated to Version 3.1.0, which includes the previously-announced Kung-Fu and Vice: Project Doom, as well as Gradius SP 2. Check out details on Gradius SP 2 below.

Things are even tougher the second time around. The more difficult second loop begins after clearing all seven Gradius stages for the first time, and this special version starts you right in it! You’ll begin without any power boosts. This new loop can feel like a fresh take on familiar stages, but don’t get careless – even the first stage will take all your concentration! Oh, and if you manage to clear the second loop… well, there’s an even more difficult third loop waiting for you!

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I'm really looking forward to playing Vice: Project Doom. I know most people complain and want SNES games, but I love playing so many NES games for the first time. And frankly, I'd rather have GameBoy games added over SNES.

Me too. I already have a SNES mini for those games. But GameBoy titles? That would rock.

Even just the original GB would be great. I bought a bunch on my 3DS, but put Donkey Kong '94, Super Mario Land 2 and Link's Awakening (not DX) and I would be so happy :D

Wed Aug 21 19 12:11pm
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Still just NES games.. yawn.. Ninty are so slow. SNES games by 2022, N64 never.

Nintendo how about actualy adding new games and consoles like SNES and N64.


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