Trine: Ultimate Collection's physical release only includes Trine 4 on the game card

For Trine out loud!

If you're planning on grabbing the Trine: Ultimate Collection at retail, you might want to reconsider. While it was originally planned to have all 4 Trine games on the game card, that is not longer the case. The game card will now only include Trine 4, making you download 1 through 3. Frozenbyte has provided a statement on the matter, which you can see below.

Only Trine 4 is on the cart, 1-3 are downloads. We did originally aim to have all four games on the same cart, but that unfortunately was not possible in the end. We're very sorry about the miscommunication, we'll do our best to avoid mishaps like this in the future.


Well, that'll upset those with digital belief issues. I'm relatively agnostic on the subject of media format, so I'm able to avoid any butt-hurtness in this particular circumstance.

Aw man, I had this preordered because I was like "why would I buy a compilation of only 3 games when I can have one with all 4?" Now I'll have to cancel and get the 3-pack.

Thu Aug 22 19 01:48pm
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That's okay and we'll do our best to avoid mishaps like this in the future also by not pre-ordering games on the good faith that publishers aren't going to cheap out.

Pre-order cancelled. Money is going elsewhere. Good day sir... I said good day! >:[

If you still want to try to get Trine 1-3 in physical form then you will need to purchase it from GameStop as they will have an exclusive release of it and then Trine 4 on its own.

Thanks for the tip but its not so in Australia, we get the arse end of everything here which explains why we are often seen as the ass/arse of the world.


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