Fire Emblem: Three Houses players pick their favorite house and character

It wasn't even close!

The most recent issue of Nintendo Dream magazine asks fans a few questions about Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The writers wanted to know which house players chose, why, and who their favorite characters were. Check out the results of the poll below!

Q1. Which house did you choose?

42.6% – Lowenklasse (Blue Lion House)
29.6% – Hirschklasse (Golden Deer House)
27.8% – Adlerklasse (Black Eagle House)

Q2. What’s your biggest deciding factor for choosing that house?

60.7% – My favourite character is in that house
23.5% – I’m wondering about the story development when I choose that house in the War arc
3.9% – I’m wondering about the story development when I choose that house in the Academy arc
3.4% – The house’s proficiency skills [TN: Lion=Spear, Deer=Bow, Eagle=Magic]

Other responses

- From the introduction order in official site etc
- I summoned them in Fire Emblem Heroes
- Favorite color
- The motif animal
- I decided with roulette/drawing lots

Q3. Who is your favourite character right now?

Dimitri – 32.4%
Claude – 22.9%
Female Byleth – 17.7%
Edelgard – 17.0%
Lysithea – 15.9%
Male Byleth – 14.3%
Ingrid – 13.6%
Bernadetta – 10.9%
Marianne – 10.5%
Sylvain – 9.1%

Another top 10 but this one is limited to those who have actually played the game

Dimitri – 30.2%
Claude – 19.8%
Lysithea – 17.8%
Female Byleth – 16.6%
Bernadetta – 15.1%
Ingrid – 14.2%
Edelgard – 13.6%
Male Byleth – 13.0%
Sylvain – 11.5%
Sothis – 9.8%


I'm sure the if they polled western players this list would be much different but I'm happy Dimitri and The Blue Lions are getting a lot of love.
It's mostly FEAR THE DEER in the west from what I can tell.

From what I understand, Fire Emblem is really popular with the female audience as of late so I'm not surprised why Female Byleth is so high with Dimitri and Claude at the top. Plus everyone got the Harry Potter vibe when the setting was revealed and that was likewise a huge thing for girls slightly more than guys.

My point is that there would be a lot of blue and green on top over in America as well.


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