Monster Racher website lets users pick what albums/artists monsters should be generated from

Making musical monsters

As we previously covered, Monster Rancher on Switch will feature an online database of CD names that players can summon monsters from. Koei Tecmo wants to build up this database with a bunch of CD names that fans want, so they've opened up a website where users can submit CD ideas. This campaign runs until Sept. 30th, 2019, and allows players to put in the following info.

- Album/Song name
- Artist (e.g. singer/band)
- Monster species
- Specific monster
- Reason that this CD should generate this monster

Thanks to GM for the heads up!

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This is so cute! I always loved it when there was a link, however accidental, between the disc I put in and the monster I got. I'm so submitting some ideas!

I don't know much about the monsters in the Monster Rancher games, but any album from Imagine Dragons should generate a dragon.


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