Level-5's interview about Ushiro raises more questions than answers

Why all the mystery?

Level-5's Ushiro was originally announced as a PSP title all the way back in 2008, but that never came to be. Then last year, Level-5 stated that the game was alive, and would be coming to Switch. Since then, there's been no new information shared. What in the world is going on with the game?

Shedding some light on the situation while simultaneously adding more confusion, Level-5's virtual Youtuber Reto-chan has interview Ushiro's head developer to see where things stand. Check out the Q&A below.

Q: Seriously though, what’s the state of Ushiro’s development?

Head developer M: “Please ask President Hino. He mentioned in a weekly gaming magazine that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch, but the finer details are only known by President Hino himself, so…”

Q: Why’s development been delayed so much?

M: “A reason… (long silence) We haven’t exorcised it yet. Whenever we use the word ‘demon’ (akuma) we properly exorcise it from our office. Actually, even for the fourth Yo-kai Watch movie, we used the word ‘ghost’ and as such had to do an exorcism. But despite Ushiro being this sort of title, we haven’t done so… Lots of things have happened to the people involved, with some even making headlines on Yahoo News…”

Q: Will Ushiro properly be developed going forward?

M: “I hear that there are quite a few young creators who have mentioned they want to make Ushiro, and as the head of the title I’d also like to release it, but before that I believe we have a lot of things we need to release first before that.”

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Did the calendar just hit April 1st in Japan? What is this??? For the record, this is from their "official virtual YouTuber" which, correct me if I'm wrong, means that they chose these questions. And prepared these answers. Like, the second response feels like a gag, but that third response?? If they're just trying to be charmingly goofy, big ol' swing-and-a-miss on that one.


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