Mew's original creator shares details on the Pokemon's inception

Mew knew?

Game Freak's official YouTube channel has added a new video that dives deep in the lore of Mew. Mew's original designer, Shigeki Morimoto, is the one dishing out the details. Check out a summary of the info shared below.

- Mew was originally only released to 20 players via CoroCoro in 1996, with a second distribution to 100 people happening later

- each Mew was procedurally generated on Morimoto’s PC, even having different Pokemon IDs

- Morimoto had to trade it to each chosen player one by one via Link Cable

- the third distribution in Japan happened at World Hobby Fair

- Morimoto would later have a hand in planning the Old Sea Map event that would lead players to catch Mew on Faraway Island

- when Morimoto first went to see Mewtwo Strikes Back, he was in complete amazement of Mew actually moving around

- Mew’s movements were decided on by the anime animators, as they would be working on the original 2D pixel art only

- nowadays, they design Pokemon with the intent of turning them into 3D models

- the designers have a hand in saying what the animations will look like, drawing Pokemon from various angles

- Mew was designed off Mewtwo’s design

- Morimoto designed Mew to be a simpler version of Mewtwo in order to take up less space on the cartridge

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Well that's meta in a way.

In the game's lore, Mewtwo was based on Mew. But out-of-universe, Mew was based on Mewtwo. :3c

So, I guess this means that in reality, Mew is the clone of Mewtwo.


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