Nintendo has eBay auction taken down due to mention of Switch modification

Nintendo is ALWAYS watching

Nintendo knows that some Switch owners hack/modify their hardware, and while Nintendo can't stop people from doing that, they certainly don't want the word spread. Case in point, an eBay auction for a Switch that was taken down due to some specific wording on the listing.

ResetERA user Intoxicate wasn't selling a hacked Switch, but he did have a phrase in his listing that caught the ire of Nintendo. The listing stated that the “Switch is an old model which could be modified.” That's all it took for the Big N to swoop in and complain, which lead to eBay yanking the listing.

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All old model Switch's can be modded, it's not like some hidden secret. I don't agree with modding and piracy but I don't think Nintendo should be interfering with private sales.

Absolutely and completely absurd, borderline comedy. Nintendo really does not know how to do PR well and has a extremely overreactive legal team. Even among law blogs they're known for it, so it isn't even a small group that knows about it.

Nintendo has the resources to pay their legal team to help them ruin any sort of positive opinion, but couldn't shut down a piracy scheme that people used their own servers for until last year and still cannot run a competent online service.

Sun Aug 25 19 09:03pm
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I don't see anything wrong with the main known moddng of the Switch alone. Some aren't for piracy, but I'm not surprised Nintendo has a problem with it anyway. Though doesn't this violate the first sale right?
It's hard to tell if this is a copyright thing since Ebay has a right to remove the selling maybe, but it's still stupid for Ebay to remove it. After all I remember hearing a story about certain items claimed with spiritual magic being removed.


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