Superhot dev explains the European trailer goof, says the gameplay footage was 'absolutely recorded' on Switch

Just a silly mistake

Earlier in the week, Nintendo of Europe put out a trailer for Superhot that they've since removed. The trailer was taken down after fans noticed a bit of odd wording in the trailer, as seen in the image above. As you well know, the Switch doesn't have an 'R' key, leading fans to believe that the footage in this trailer was trying to pass off the PC version of the game as Switch gameplay.

Turns out that's not the case at all. Anders Hillestad, a developer on the team, took to Reddit to explain how the mishap came to be.

We had to make a lot of last minute changes to the trailer right before the release, and in the stress of this our video editor missed that during recording this section of the trailer, the machine noticed a keyboard was plugged in and thus changed the input (like if you played it on a PC and used a connected gamepad). This trailer is absolutely recorded using our Switch edition of the game.

The trailer version above is only on the European eShop, if you check out the trailer on the American eShop or on Nintendo's Youtube Channel you will find that the above "press R to restart" does not exist. It's an unfortunate thing for us to have missed this error in the trailer, but it was not done on purpose or meant to deceive anyone. We're still a indie team, and everyone else who was reviewing the trailer also missed this since and it was last minute (I was reviewing it on my phone as I was out travelling).

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Sun Aug 25 19 04:53pm
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"As you well know, the Switch doesn't have an 'R' key"

Ummm......Yes it does!

They could have easily passed this one off, as there is in fact an R button on the Switch.

I don't get it ... how could anyone even get the idea that something would be odd with this sentence? It prompts the player to push a button that, in fact, exists.


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