Nintendo UK's website says The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening will not support cloud saves

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There are a handful of games coming to Switch that don't support cloud saves, and it's usually tied to cheat prevention methods. Pokemon Sword & Shield is an example, and while it's sad to not have the feature supported, at least it makes sense. Unfortunately, it seems that The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is joining that handful of games, but we have no idea why.

The official UK page for Link's Awakening states that the game will not support cloud saves. There's no word as to why, and it's hard to come up with reasoning that makes sense. Hopefully this is just a mistake on the page itself. We'll reach out to Nintendo for confirmation/explanation.

Thanks to Laiceaterna for the heads up!


My money is on this being a mistake. There is no reason I can think of for it not to support cloud saves.

The German page as well, btw. I really hope this is a mistake.

holding back a downvote until confirmed by Nintendo...

I mean just yikes....Switch Online just seems to pay for itself month after month. BEST $20 I will ever spend in my life. Such a great service Nintendo should be proud (and I bet they are..)

Let's not discount the possibility there is something about this game we dont know yet. 60 seems steep for the amount of content here already IMO.

Mon Aug 26 19 05:01pm
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It's pending in the european eshop, same for astral chain but daemon x machina clearly state that it doesn't support cloud saves... So if a nintendo game has online functionality it can't support cloud saves ? I am So glad I pay nintendo Online service.......

Guessing this is a mistake. It makes absolutely no sense.

why some games that have Clouds saves are not featured in some regions.

How can this not support cloud saves?!? I mean....this is single player experienced game. Why is backing up in this case a bad idea?


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