List of the top 25 highest-grossing media franchises sees Pokemon at the top, Mario in the top 10

Nintendo has a lot to be happy about

Nintendo is really in the mix when it comes to franchises with worldwide appeal. A new infographic from Titlemax has come out that showcases the top 25 highest-grossing franchises in the world, and Pokemon sits pretty in the #1 position. While Nintendo has a stake in that franchise, they claim the #8 spot all to themselves with Mario. Definitely a lot to be proud of there!

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How come Winnie the Pooh is bigger than the Mouse himself?

The amount of notebooks with him is too d@*% high! XD

Tue Aug 27 19 03:41pm
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Winnnie the Pooh is an insane marketing phenomenon in Asian countries (aside from China, where it is banned). Even knowing that, it's pretty surprising though.

Remarkable how much money is put into monsters that you put in your pocket.

I’m honestly surprised Pokemon is higher than Micky Mouse, Star Wars and Marvel. I’m more surprised that Hello Kitty even made the list, let alone is second. WTF lol

Hello Kitty crosses over with near everything (like Street Fighter several years ago) and is a force of nature in merchandising. Hello Kitty is practically synonymous with Japanese culture in the eyes of westerners. Considering there is an international chain of stores dedicated entirely to selling Sanrio character merchandise, I can see why she's 2nd overall.

I wonder what the "other" means in regards to Bond.

I'm shocked at Winnie the Pooh. He must be all over the kids apparel. Hello Kitty is HUGE in Japan and somewhat big here so thats a bit less surprising to me.

Tue Aug 27 19 03:50pm
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The biggest thing to take from this list is just how profitable it is to have a successful franchise in Asia. There are several on that list that I imagine could only be big in Japan and a few other countries. Anpan Man is a children's cartoon about a pastry-based hero who allows people to eat his head, and I've seen very little of him outside of Japan, though he's probably in places like China and Korea.

Wow! I did not realise Pokemon was THAT huge! Surprised

I'm pretty surprised that Hasbro, one of the biggest toy empires, has only one franchise on this list, and it's at the bottom. Then again, compared to Mattel and Lego, Hasbro's a relatively new face in the business.

So when the Pokemon/Hello Kitty crossover comes it ill rule the world, eh?

I'm shocked that Super Mario is not number 1.

Why won't anyone want Super Mario to be numbah 1?!?!?

With the sorry state of Pokémon Sword and Shield, I can't take this graph's #1 position seriously. Oh wait, what's that you say? That this is reality? Well, say it ain't so...

You act as if Pokémon revenue only comes from the games. But merchandising, anime, etc. is just huge for Pokémon, and that's why it's in the number 1 spot


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