The Lion King and Aladdin SNES/Genesis titles getting HD remakes (UPDATE - CONFIRMED)

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Well here's a juicy rumor for Disney fans. Word is that remakes of The Lion King and Aladdin from the SNES/Genesis are in the works for the Switch. These games would include the original soundtracks alongside revamped HD visuals. This info was supposedly shared at the GameStop manager conference, so hopefully we can expect a confirmation soon.

UPDATE - This has now been confirmed. The combo title is set to launch sometime this Fall.

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Considering this is at Gamestop Expo I should hope this will get a physical release.

But which original soundtrack?

Never expected them to get remakes/remasters.

Hakuna Matata! but do we trust those street rats aka gamestop?

Tue Aug 27 19 06:00pm
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Part of why I loved them so much was the visual/audio feel they had at the time. Fantastic stuff, charm remains today. Would hate to see the art direction spoiled by newcomers missing the point, as has happened with other remakes. Those sprites are a solid part of gaming history, and I'm sure were hard work to create.

I'd rather they just release a Disney retro video game collection including them. Physical box please.

Same, I’d rather have a Disney Afternoon Collection style compilation for Sega’s Disney games. Quack Shot, the Illusion games, Aladdin etc. Looking at footage they all still look really good (Aladdin is the reason Nintendo made Donkey Kong Country after all because of how impressive it looked so not too surprising it still looks great).

HD versions would still be nice but as you say, they really nailed the charm first time round and might be tricky to capture again.

I would like if they did like Wonder boy, you have the HD graphics but you can change anytime you want to the original graphics with a single button press.

I have those games for my Genesis. Aladdin is great but the Lion King is goddamn frustrating x_x I wonder if they will twitch the difficulty on that one,

Are they going to keep the stupidly hard difficulty on The Lion King?

Disney is just releasing all the vaults these past few days. They really want people sign up for Disney+.

nice i can finnaly play my favorite Disney games in the Switch of my cousin.

But is it the Genesis or SNES versions of Aladdin? Both are great for different reasons.

They were each made by two different developers. Genesis by Virgin Games and Disney and the SNES made by Capcom and Shinji Mikami the director of Resident Evil, and former member of Clover and Platinum Games.

From the way that it's written I'm having hope that it's both versions

That would be the best option.

Wed Aug 28 19 12:10am
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The way it is written suggests they don't realize how different they were. The lion king remained the same on both, but they seem to think the same applied to Aladdin, which of course were completely different games. I think fans favor the genesis version, but I cant be sure. Was about about to mention the genesis version got ported to the gba, but then again so did the snes one (I think?)
I'd have to look it up again.

I'd say it's the Genesis version of Aladdin and the Genesis/Snes version of Lion King. Genesis Aladdin was by far the more popular game and also the one that remained in people memories.

If you ask me, I'd have both Aladdin instead of Aladdin/Lion King combo any day. Both Aladdin are very cool games but the Lion King is more of a tech demo really, in that the only positives about it are in its presentation.

Tue Aug 27 19 07:45pm
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Shame Jungle Book isn't included too

It's hard to believe that it will have both versions of Aladdin considering one was from Capcom and one from Virgin. That seems like it would be a disaster of licensing.

Joke answer: You underestimate the power of the dark side...

Serious answer: Did some quick research and it looks like Virgin Games ceased to exist after being bought out by Titus (same guys behind Superman 64, a.k.a Death by Floating Rings), and then Titus was bought out by Interplay Entertainment (the original creators of Fallout and Baldur's Gate). That last one sold their entire library of IPs in 2016, so I don't think licensing will be a problem if Disney kept the movie rights and bought the game rights. As for Capcom... I don't think that's going to be much of a problem given their recent history of actually learning from their mistakes and given people what they want (kind of).

And it's been confirmed that the SNES version of Aladdin is not included. That's exactly how I expected it to go unfortunately. This collection is not worth it without the best version of that game. Lion King is terrible no matter which version you play. And Genesis Aladdin is an all style over substance game with terrible level design and slippery controls.

Now all we need is a Goof Troop SNES remake and we're set!

I hope this is a sign of more classic Disney games to come as well.

I like Capcom's Aladdin....wonder how the remakes will look like?

Wow this came out of nowhere curious to see what they look like visually!


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