Famitsu reader survey shows Mother 2 as the series' most popular, players reveal the order in which they played the games

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As was covered a few weeks back, Famitsu held a survey about the Earthbound/Mother series. All in all, Famitsu got 2,528 responses to the survey, with 1,679 males and 690 females, with the split being 1,314 Japanese, and 1,176 from overseas. Check out the results of the survey below.

- 562 played 2→1→3
- 472 played 2→3→1
- 402 played 1→2→3
- 271 played 2→3
- 239 have only played 2
- 136 played 3→2→1
- favorite game in the series is MOTHER2 with 1,361, followed by MOTHER3 with 827, and MOTHER with 273
- 67 people were undecided on their favorite installment


Doesn't surprise me at all. Even with Mother 1+2 giving the first entry more exposure they must have balked at how barabaric and tedious Mother was. Mother 2 was way more refined and nowhere near as difficult. And they're generally predisposed to grindy JRPGs with lots of annoyances too, which goes to show you how awful it truly was.

And I'm surprised Mother 3 has fans over there, because last I heard the game was apparently loathed upon release because it was immensely depressing to the Japanese, something about its messages rubbed them the wrong way and made them feel sick inside (Which is justified, that game has NUMEROUS messed up scenarios, no one can deny that).

I have played all 3 titles numerous times and I can safely say EarthBound still reigns supreme in my eyes. It is the most well-rounded of the trio and is the only one that maintains that peculiar and wholesome charm.


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