Soraya Saga causes speculation on tomorrow's Nintendo Direct including info from Monolith Soft

Will it or won't it?

Soraya Saga, Art Designer and Wife of Monolith Soft head, Tetsuya Takahashi, is once again causing some speculation about a Nintendo Direct. Saga has taken to Twitter to retweet Nintendo's Nintendo Direct announcement, and has done so without any other commentary. Saga has retweeted Nintendo Direct info in the past when there's Monolith Soft news to be shared. Will that happen tomorrow? We have just over 24 hours to wait and see!

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Don't get me expecting this...

She does it every time. We are certainly due for some news from them.

First I was thinking "What game is Soroya Saga? The new Monolith game?", but then I understood how tired I am. That's what happens when you're up all nght playing Astral Chain... One and haøf hours sleep Smile

But cool. Great news. Monolith are awesome.

I don't think this is much of an indication at all honestly. Soraya Saga does this all the time, she even expressed displeasure about people trying to make something of it.

She does not do this all the time, she did not for one example retweet the E3 Direct. She more or less only retweets when MonolithSoft has something to show.
And while she has indicated just because she retweets that it doesn't have to mean anything, but so far everytime she had retweeted there has been something.
And there have been other employees from MonolithSoft that has retweeted this, sure it might turn out to be a big nothing. But where there is retweets there are fire.


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