Nintendo Switch Online - SNES NSO vs SNES Classic emulation comparison video

You can finally play SNES games on Nintendo Switch but just how well does the emulation hold up against Nintendo's previous offering, the Super NES Classic? Find out in our head to head comparison, including one major improvement...and a slight drawback!

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Fri Sep 06 19 11:25am
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It's not a comparison until Digital Foundry get their hands on it

What's the improvement and what's the drawback?

I don't know what the drawback is either but the improvement was already posted in another article. The graphical glitch of the background on the Classic Edition when you touch a Fuzzy in Yoshi's Island. It is just like how it is in the original SNES release.

But those issues are soo....nitpicky.

Tbh, I never knew about the error in the SNES Classic because when I played through the levels that had the fuzzies I was able to successfully dodge all of them. lol


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