Ubisoft sending out Rabbids-themed mooncakes in China


Ubisoft is working on Rabbids: Adventure Party, a Switch title that seems to be exclusive to China for the time being. There's been quite a bit of coverage on the game from Chinese gaming media, which has lead to Ubisoft sending out a special gift to some fans and press alike. As you can see above, Ubisoft sent out special Rabbids-themed mooncakes in honor of the upcoming mid-Autumn festival.

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For those who don't know, in many Asian countries (and a few South American ones as well), the dark spots on the moon are said to resemble a rabbit (similar to the European/North American "man in the moon"). So there is a connection between rabbit and the moon there!

Indeed. I was going to post that Ubisoft's people actually did the research and made something appropriate for this time of year using the characters they had.

(Maybe the people who did the cultural and historical research for the Assassin's Creed games helped with that.)

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