CyberGadget releasing a mini version of their Gyro Controller for Switch in both wired and wireless options

For the more delicate hands out there

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CyberGadget's Switch Gyro Controller appears to be successful enough for the company to release a revamp. They'll be putting out the Gyro Controller Mini in Japan in late Oct. 2019, and there will be multiple colors. It appears this revision includes all the same aspects as the previous Gyro Controller, just with a smaller form-factor. Check out a rundown of the original Gyro Controller below.

Easy-grip with streamline shape, you can play the game comfortably even for a long time. It supports not only various operations of Nintendo Switch (direction key, analog stick) but also gyro operation.

Run out of charge? Worry no more because of USB connection compatible with a variety of devices. The controller is wired connection type that can be used easily by simply connecting to a USB terminal. Supports computers with OS such as Windows, Mac OSX, Android, smartphones, tablets, retro-freaks.

Equipped with macro buttons that can assign various buttons. You can use it for various purposes such as assigning the L3 button to make it easier to run with FPS, assigning an attack button with Splatoon 2 etc. to make it easier for squashing opponents who get in the way!

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Tue Sep 10 19 07:34pm
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Ever since I learned that some third-party controllers compatible with the Switch don't have gyro in them, I always found it odd they'd do that. It would make certain games a lot harder, like Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2. I'm not sure if there are any major titles rendered unplayable with no gyro though.


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