Famitsu review scores for Sept. 11th, 2019

Link takes the lead...or does he?

The latest Famitsu review scores have come in, but there's a tiny hiccup. It seems the 4th score for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening somehow got lost in transcription! We'll add it in when the details come through, but for now, check out the other review scores below.

AI: The Somnium Files (PS4, Switch) – 9/9/8/8 [34/40]
Desktop Rugby (Switch) – 7/7/7/7 [28/40]
Grand Brix Shooter (Switch) – 7/8/8/7 [30/40]
Heave Ho (Switch) – 8/7/8/6 [29/40]
Jakou no Lyla: Allure of Musk (Switch) – 7/8/8/8 [31/40]
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch) – 9/9/9/8 [35/40]
Pawarumi (Switch) – 8/7/8/7 [30/40]
Rally Rock ‘N Racing (Switch) – 7/6/7/6 [26/40]

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Ooh, a mystery! I am very much looking forward to Somnium FIles, too.

Wed Sep 11 19 02:18am
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Link's Awakening votes are 9/9/9/8
(ゼルダの伝説夢を見る島 9998 )


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