Torchlight II suffering from New Game+ bug

New Game+++++++++++++++++++++++++

Torchlight II has a wealth of New Game+ content. Usually a game unlocks New Game+ after you run through once, but Torchlight II can go all the way up to New Game+++++, with each "+" making the game more difficult. The challenge is certainly welcome, but a bug discovered in the game is making things just a tad too difficult.

If you save or quit while playing a New Game+ run-through, the next time you start the game up, it will move up one level to New Game++. Obviously the same thing happens if you're running New Game++ or anything higher. In other words, the game will keep getting more difficult every time you quit.

There's no fix for the bug right now, but hopefully one is on the way. Unless you plan on playing through in one sitting, you might want to skip New Game+ for now!

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Does this happen even if you put your Switch to sleep? As in, you never go back to the home menu? If so, that's crazy.

I'm genuinely interested in how a glitch like this happens. What part of the code is attaching saving/quitting with the increase of difficulty? Fascinating.


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