The Switch's playtime counter's limit is 9,999 hours per game

Just incase you were wondering...

If you've played a Switch game for more than 9,999 hours, you'll have to track that extra time yourself. One Switch owner has found out just how far the Switch playtime counter will track your hours, and it turns out the limit is 9,999 hours per game. I'm thinking very, VERY few people will see their games hit this limit!

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Wed Sep 11 19 09:22am
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Just give an activity log Nintendo. That way, we all can account how long we have played.

9,999 hours!? What was this guy doing to rack up that much hours!? A lot of AFKing had to have been happening here!

I would rather quit gaming altogether than playing one game for that amount of time. I don't think I've ever spent more than 250 hours with one single game.

I encountered someone from many years ago who reached 10,000 hours of F-Zero GX roughly 5 years after the game came out. Assuming he got it on release, he averaged a little under 5.5 hours per day.

He played almost exclusively the Time Trials mode, and during that time, he was the reigning champ for most of the racetracks.

I think the only thing I've spent thousands of hours in would be Minecraft. I would love to see my playtime across different devices for that.

If you do the math. The game has been out for 923 days. 9,999 hours is 416.625 days. That’s damn near half. I agree a lot of AFK is going on there...you need to sleep sometime!!!

Wed Sep 11 19 07:50am
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I don't believe he played this much. Probably left the game on for a long time to see how high the playtime counter would go. Now he knows.

Wed Sep 11 19 09:22am
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Just give an activity log Nintendo. That way, we all can account how long we have played.

Yeah seriously. The 3DS one was great. In fact, a lot of the extra 3DS features were really cool and they just straight up abandoned them, like StreetPass. Shame!

One thing I like about the activity log on the 3DS was how it was done. If a game you played the longest, it gets a golden crown while the second longest gets a silver crown and stuff like that.

Really baffles me how nintendo made this aspect of the switch a downgrade in comparaison to the 3DS!

I can't imagine what he would be doing all that time. There's not much to do after beating the game and finding all the korok seeds wouldn't take that long.

I have only ever reached a similar playtime of 999:99 on Pokémon SoulSilver, and that can be attributed to how time consuming EV training Pokémon were back then. But, the game itself is a pretty fantastic Pokémon entry, so it is no wonder I played it so much regardless! Sadly, the save file got corrupted after that playtime milestone was reached... I wonder if that had anything to do with it?

How does one have the time to play a single game for 9,999 hours +?

He also put 250 hours into Odyssey, how? I could barely put in 20 hours for that game....

I actually thought the first game to hit that limit for anyone would be Fortnite. There is someone on my list who currently is at about 2,000 hours for that game. He plays every night.


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